Explorer Tours

Why Explorer Tours


Personal touch

The business was started as a small, family run business and remains so to this day. Our size allows us to have a more personal relationship with the clients.


Attention to your needs

Explorer Tours is a group tour operator. We plan detailed, personalized itineraries, each customized to meet the needs of our client. Everything we do is customized for the group. Most of the tours we do are done by motor coach, (although some groups prefer to travel by air) and range from one to several nights.



We specialize in group travel. Student groups comprise over 90% of what we do.



Our clients are comprised mostly of high school fine, arts students such as bands, choirs and drama clubs. We also do senior class tours.



Adult & senior citizens



Experience. We have been planning group tours since 1988. We have learned what works well and what does not.



It is our goal to provide the best value and overall learning experience for students and the pleasant, lasting memories for all groups.